Here Is A Good Tool to Help Students Discover Similar Websites

 Wednesday, February 10, 2021  
 EdTech resources  
Similar Sites is a a web tool and Chrome extension that you and your students can use to find online resources similar to the one you are presently browsing. With a single click Similar Sites provides you with a list of websites that feature identical content to the site you are navigating. Students can use it a s a research tool to source topic-based or niche-specific materials and digital references. It can also be used as a springboard to further explore content written on a specific topic and to ‘grow your reading list’. Whether you use the web-based tool or the Chrome extension, Similar Sites is simple and easy to use. 

Other ways to use Similar Sites include in online shopping where the tool helps you discover “new shopping sites similar to the ones you currently buy from.”; for travel and leisure ( Similar Sites provides “you with related web links to the ones you’re used to searching – and you might just find cheaper travel options and have a better experience on a comparable, but different website.”); and in business and research (e.g., to “find the highest quality content, discover competitors, conduct keyword research and generate leads by using the extension to maximize your business growth opportunities and to analyze your business and marketing needs.”).
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