Here Is A Great Resource for Safe, Age-appropriate and Educational Videos for Kids (2-10)

Sensical is a new free streaming app for kids  recently released by Common Sense Media. The app provides age-appropriate educational and fun video content for kids (2-10). Videos are hand picked and approved by child development experts for safety and age appropriateness. There are over 50 channels featuring videos covering various topics including Art, science, music, sports and many more.
Sensical offers “three separate viewing environments for Preschool (2-4), Little Kids (5-7), and Big Kids (8-10). Your kids will get content that is exactly right for their age range based on their profile. As they reach the next age bracket, we will automatically move them into the next viewing experience.”
Sensical also provides parents with the tools to monitor and help their kids make the best of their viewing experience. Parents can create profiles for their kids, set cross-device watch time limits, and “view proprietary personalized reports that show both what your kids are learning AND the topics they are enjoying so you can join in and extend the conversation around the shows they are watching”.
  • ” Follow their passions across thousands of videos, from preschool shows to content for little and big kids with characters they already know and love
  • Learn more about their favorite topics in 50+ exciting kids’ channels
  •  Check out live-streaming kids’ channels made just for them: 2up, 5up, and 8up.”
Sensical is availabe on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon fireTV.

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