How To Use Indoor Mapping To Improve Smart Workplace Safety

The pandemic has introduced social distancing, improved hygiene and cleaning standards for public areas and workspaces.

Everyone has a new mindset on hygiene and what is needed to make it safe to be near other people.  Therefore workplace guidelines and safety procedures have moved on and require more time and resources.  Indoor mapping is proving useful in this regard.

The software can make navigation easy by creating indoor maps, and it also has many other uses now for improving the safety of your smart office in a post-COVID world.

For example, you can use real-time data to view your building’s emergency escapes and the occupation status of rooms.
There are many ways to improve the safety of your smart workplace with this indoor mapping technology.

Indoor Mapping In The Workplace Post COVID

Let’s delve into some opportunities you have to improve smart workplace safety post-COVID!

Enable Real-Time Room Capacity Data

When an employee wants to find a space to work, indoor mapping software can show them the real-time capacity of shared rooms and offices, helping the employee see which spaces are busy and which spaces are quiet without physically visiting them and checking.

This reduces downtime for your employees, but it also helps to keep up social distancing by limiting the number of offices and meeting rooms cramped and busy.

Enforce Social Distancing Through-Routes

By assessing real-time map data, indoor positioning technology could calculate the best way to an employee’s destination without forcing them to pass many people on the way.

While it might not always be the fastest or most convenient route to guarantee employee health and safety, avoiding other employees may be a priority for some time after COVID as social distancing continues to be in effect for some time.

Allow Employees To Book Rooms & Spaces Remotely

It’s simple to combine indoor positioning technology with room-booking UI that makes it simple for an employee to see whether a room is available or not, book it, and then complete the booking process without speaking to a receptionist see the room physically in person.

This is a great way for employees to ensure that they’re keeping up with social distancing by limiting how much physical movement they must perform to book a meeting room.

Locate The Nearest Safety Equipment

Whether COVID-related or not, sometimes there are accidents and medical emergencies that require immediate attention before the emergency services can arrive on the scene to help. In this event, indoor mapping software can show a passerby employee the closest fire extinguisher location, first aid kit, or CPR kit.

This can reduce panic, giving the passerby employee a fast and easy way to find immediate relief for the situation at hand. Whether you need to put out a fire or assist someone who just collapsed, it’s always handy to have a fast, direct route to the nearest PPE.

Streamline Cleaning & Maintenance Teams

As of 2021, cleaning and maintenance are critical in a smart workplace – or any workplace for that matter.

With indoor mapping software equipped with real-time capacity, cleaning and maintenance staff can reduce their downtime by heading straight to the empty and quiet spaces first, coming into contact with the least number of people possible.

Indoor mapping software also makes it easier than ever for employees to report problems to these team members and use geolocation to tag the location of a spill, pipe leak, broken computer, or anything else that could be causing an issue.


Workplaces still have a vital role in the business.

Workers who have been enjoying remote working know there are times when they’ll be will be required to spend some time in the workplace with their colleagues, and safety is at the foremost of hesitation to get back to normal in the workplace.

Technology has stepped up during the pandemic with online collaboration tools for remote working, and it will continue to do so post-COVID.  Indoor mapping software is one example of making a world of difference to the safety and peace of mind of businesses the world over.

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