iFixit tears down Steam Deck and will be an authorized supplier of replacement parts

Pre-order for Valve’s Steam Deck will begin arriving to backers’ doorsteps starting February 25. Back when Valve released a teardown video of the Steam Deck, it was promised that replacement parts would be made available as many of the replaceable components.

A new update by Valve confirms that iFixit will be authorized to sell replacement parts for the Steam Deck.

Today we’re announcing that iFixit will be one of the authorized sellers of Steam Deck replacement parts – as well as replacement parts of the Valve Index VR products. We are still hammering out the details and will be sharing more info on this soon.

In addition, iFixit has also released its full teardown of the Steam Deck along with the following X Ray image.

iFixit partners with Valve to provide replacement parts for the Steam Deck

Though Valve released a tear down last October, it only showed the inside of the device and the removal of the thumb sticks.

iFixit tears down much further, and compliments how well the device was labeled. Although the frame is super easy to disassemble and unclip without adhesive removal, It also notes that if you are familiar with taking apart a Nintendo Switch or a PC laptop, it may feel familiar. The teardown highlights that the battery removal was difficult. It is an L-shape design.

The Steam Deck is a handheld PC machine that’s meant to play PC games offered by Steam portably in a form factor that’s portable and convenient, much like the Nintendo Switch. Pre-orders for the Steam Deck launched last July, and the first wave of shipments will finally arrive later this month.

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