Imperial Canada Opposes Lower-Nicotine Proposal

Imperial Tobacco Canada has publicly stated its opposition to proposed regulations by Health Canada that would reduce the maximum nicotine level in vapor products to 20 mg/mL. Imperial noted that such a measure would hurt the government’s goal of reducing the national smoking prevalence rate to less than 5 percent by 2035.

“Health Canada recognizes the concept of offering reduced-risk products as a way to reduce exposure to the harmful chemicals caused by smoking,” said Imperial spokesperson Eric Gagnon. “In addition, it recognizes vaping as a less harmful alternative to smoking. It is unfortunate that the government is considering a measure that will hinder vaping products from reaching their full potential as a less harmful alternative to smoking.

“Capping nicotine levels at 20 mg/ml will mean that smokers will not be able to find a product that satisfies them, and many former smokers who now vape will go back to smoking. It could be debated whether or not the current cap of 66 mg/mL is appropriate. However, the proposed 20 mg/mL is too low and will not satisfy a portion of current Canadian vapers nor smokers seeking a less harmful alternative.”

Imperial stressed that it agrees with the government’s plans to prevent youth from using vapor products.

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