Is ProWritingAid the Grammarly Alternative for You?

ProWritingAid vs. Grammarly

ProWritingAid simply delivers more. You will write more confidently, more knowledgeably, and with more community.

5 reasons you should choose prowritingaid header

1. You’ll get more reports than in any other tool.

More than 20 writing reports give you in-depth feedback that transforms your writing and helps you understand the technique behind each suggestion. You will learn as you go, becoming a better writer with every step.

2. You’ll get more integrations than with any other tool.

You will find ProWritingAid everywhere you write: in Gmail, Google Docs, Scrivener, MS Word—and more. This gives you the tools to sound more professional in every email, post, report, or story you send.

3. You’ll get more help achieving your writing goals.

ProWritingAid’s Summary Report helps you identify the key areas that need improvement so you have a clear, actionable editing roadmap to follow. Your editing phase will become more efficient and effective.

4. You’ll get more support and inspiration from our community.

The ProWritingAid community of writers understands the ups and downs of writing. Members support and inspire each other through the whole writing journey. Join weekly free training events with writing experts and become the writer you always wanted to be.

5. ProWritingAid is more affordable.

ProWritingAid is less expensive because our prices reflect our vision. We believe that everyone has an idea to share, and we want to help.


First, we want to give due credit to Grammarly; like ProWritingAid, it’s excellent at helping you weed out embarrassing errors in your work. ProWritingAid, however, goes way beyond just grammar to help you become a better writer. ProWritingAid is more than just a grammar checker—it’s an editing tool that can support all kinds of writing.

Grammarly is a short-term fix where ProWritingAid is a long-term investment.

If you are only worried about catching mistakes, then Grammarly is for you.

If you want to catch your mistakes and invest in your writing and communication skills, then ProWritingAid will take you much further.

Let’s dive deeper into those 5 reasons.

More reports for less money? Yes, please!

With ProWritingAid you get more for less.

  • More resources
  • More reports
  • More functionality
  • More integrations
  • More new writing skills and understanding

Do Grammarly and ProWritingAid Offer Different Reports?

There are more than 20 ProWritingAid reports to help you improve your writing, while Grammarly has only a handful. Why? Because ProWritingAid goes deeper.

icons for all 20 prowritingaid reports

You’ll see thousands of key copy-editing issues highlighted, including sentence structure, overused words, sticky sentences, passive voice, varied sentence length, consistency, pacing, and more.

With ProWritingAid’s reports you’ll improve the strength and clarity of your ideas.

Writing Reports: Grammarly vs. ProWritingAid

At ProWritingAid we believe the best way to improve your writing is by getting informed.

Grammarly helps you find individual mistakes—ProWritingAid helps you identify (and fix) patterns.

Understanding your bad-writing habits and quirks helps you avoid common errors while writing, saving you time in the editing stage later on.

You’ll also see how different elements like sentence structure, passive voice, word choice, and repeated words work together to impact the overall readability of your text.

readability report in prowritingaid

ProWritingAid’s writing reports were built by writers, for writers. They help you target key areas of your writing that affect how clear, readable, and effective it is.

Let’s look at four key reports that will transform the way you write.

The Style Report

A key indicator of good writing is clarity. If your writing is easy to follow, your ideas will shine through.

If your reader has to fight through awkward sentence structure, passive voice, overly-complex word choices, and hidden verbs to reach your meaning, chances are they’ll give up before they get there.

Grammarly’s free editor can help you with word order. But it won’t help you with hidden verbs, passive voice, or word choice.

ProWritingAid’s Style Report highlights all of these common problem areas to help you spot places where you could improve your writing to make it clearer and more direct. It gives you all the tools to improve the clarity of your writing in once place—and it doesn’t put any of them behind a paywall.

correcting a hidden verb in prowritingaid software

Once you’ve run your document through the Style Report, you’ll know that you’ve taken key steps towards making your writing more readable.

Sticky Sentence Report

Grammarly underlines your wordiest sentences in blue and suggests concise rewordings. ProWritingAid goes a step further.

ProWritingAid’s dedicated Sticky Sentences Report highlights overly-wordy sentences and gives you an overall stickiness rating for your document so you know how you’re doing on the whole.

sticky sentence report in prowritingaid

But what is a sticky sentence? Every sentence has working words and glue words. Working words drive the meaning of your sentence; if you change the working words, the whole meaning changes.

Glue words hold everything together, but too many of them can get in the way. Take a look at this sentence:

Jane was able to speak to a number of people about her problem and use the information that she had in her files and then come to a solution about the problem.

This sentence has too many glue words, making it hard to read.

Our aim at ProWritingAid isn’t to standardize your writing. That’s why our Sticky Sentence Report shows you the glue words in your sentence so you can choose to remove or rephrase them however you’d like.

sticky sentences suggestion in ProWritingAid editor

Using the information in the suggestion pop-up, you can re-write the sentence to prioritize your reader’s understanding:

Jane used information from her contacts and files to find a solution for the problem.

Much better.

This is great for business writers looking to write as concisely as possible or for fiction writers looking to tighten their prose.

The Repeats Report

Now we’ll move on to the reports Grammarly Free doesn’t offer.

While you’re writing, it’s natural for certain words to stay at the top of your mind. But using the same words repeatedly makes your writing feel boring.

For business writers and students, it’s particularly important to demonstrate mastery of your topic. Closely repeated words dilute your meaning and blur your points. You’ll sound like you’re going over old ground rather than moving your argument forward.

With the ProWritingAid Repeats Report you can:

  • Avoid reader confusion—repeats make them stop and ask “Didn’t I just read that?”
  • Scan your document to double check you haven’t included a point or paragraph twice
  • Ensure you’re using key terms frequently throughout an essay or report

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