Refurbished laptops UK 2021: Everything you need to know before buying a renewed laptop

Refurbished laptops may not be quite as glamorous as their brand spanking new counterparts but they’re one of the best ways to save money when buying a portable personal computer.

After a quality refurb job, a laptop will operate exactly like it did when it first left the factory. The only real differences may be slight cosmetic blemishes and the length of the warranty. If there isn’t a warranty on offer, we’d advise you to look elsewhere.

With a whole host of online retailers selling refurbished laptops, it can be hard to know where to begin your search. That’s where we come in. We’ve put together a list of the best and most trustworthy outlets for buying a refurbished laptop so you can save money and stay worry-free, safe in the knowledge that your purchase is backed up by a solid guarantee.

We’ll also provide a few pointers on best practice when it comes to a secondhand laptop online if you choose to go down that route. If you’re not sold on either a refurbished or secondhand alternative but want to save a few quid on a new device, keep an eye on our best laptop deals page, which is regularly updated with the best laptop bargains around.

Our pick of the best refurbished laptops in January 2021

Where are the best places to buy a refurbished laptop in the UK?

1. Amazon Renewed

Warranty: 1 year

When buying a laptop on Amazon, there are three categories of condition: new, pre-owned and certified refurbished (aka Amazon Renewed). New laptops are, well, new, and obviously the most expensive option. Used laptops sold by third parties can range wildly in terms of condition; a seller may describe the product as “like new”, but that’s a subjective assessment. Used laptops on Amazon may have been given a quick wipe down with a cloth and put back in their box or could be missing key components.

Because of this, you’re best off going with a laptop with the Amazon Renewed stamp. These are backed up by the Amazon Renewed Guarantee and have been returned to the manufacturer, repaired and shipped back out. Apart from the plain packaging and generic accessories, everything else about the laptop will match its brand new equivalents – and it will be significantly cheaper. It’s also extremely easy to browse for laptops on Amazon as you can filter your search by price, brand, size, and internal components.

Warranties last a full year so you can buy with confidence, and Prime members will typically benefit from the lightning-fast Amazon Prime delivery.

Buy a refurbished laptop from Amazon

2. Laptops Direct

Warranty: 3-12 months

Laptops Direct is one arm of the Direct conglomerate, which sells all manner of refurbished goods, including TVs, furniture and mobile phones. With an aggregate rating of four out of five stars from over 10,000 reviews on Trustpilot, it’s a site you can trust when in search of a refurbished laptop. Not only is it trustworthy, but you’ll find some great deals on there – we’ve seen Dell, Acer Predator and Apple laptops going for up to £400 less than the brand-new models on Amazon or Currys PC World.

There are plenty of other advantages to shopping with Laptops Direct; it offers a one-year warranty for all laptops, delivers free of charge to the majority of the UK and has next day delivery options. Laptops Direct also runs a trade-in scheme that could save you up to £300 off your new refurb when you hand over your old laptop. And that’s on top of the hundreds you’ll already be saving by going the refurbished route rather than buying one brand new.

There is also the option to pay monthly if you can’t afford the full cost upfront, something that sets it apart from competitors such as Amazon. Laptops Direct grades its refurbs based on quality. Grade A1 laptops are either unused (but have a broken box seal) or have been refurbished by the manufacturer and are free of cosmetic damage. As such, they will look and run just like a brand-new model. If you can afford it, A1 is definitely the way to go. A2 graded laptops might have some minor blemishes, while Grade A3 laptops will have visible marks and dents. If you don’t mind your laptop looking a little rough around the edges, though, the savings will be significantly greater than buying a higher graded model.

Buy a refurbished laptop from Laptops Direct

3. eBay Manufacturer Refurbished


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