Remote for Slides Helps You Control Your Google Slides Remotely

 Friday, June 25, 2021  
 Google Slides  
Remote for Slides is a cool tool that allows you to control your Google Slides remotely. I have been experimenting with this tool for some time now and found it worth the mention here. Besides controlling your slides remotely, Remote for Slides allows you to access your speaker notes, time your presentation, and even control YouTube playback. It also  comes in dark mode and black mode.

To start using Remote for Slides you need to install the Chrome extension.  Once installed, open your Google Slides and from the editor mode click on ‘Present with Remote’. Next, click on ‘Start Remote’ and copy the 6 digits code. Open Remote for Slides web app or if you use Android device, the Lite Android app then type in or past the code. Watch the video below to see Remote for Slides in action.


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