Save 25% on AfterShokz OpenMove bone conduction headphones

If, like this writer, you just simply can’t get on with a regular pair of headphones when exercising, investing in a pair of AfterShokz bone conduction headphones is an absolute must.

These futuristic headphones, which let you simultaneously listen to audio alongside the sounds of the outside world, have become increasingly popular amongst fitness enthusiasts in recent years. Amongst them, AfterShokz’s OpenMove are a solid entry-level option for those looking to test the water with a first pair of bone conduction headphones.

Originally launched at an RRP of £80, the OpenMove have seen their price slashed to just £60 as part of the annual Boxing Day sales – their lowest ever price on Amazon and a saving of 25%. You need to hurry, though, as this offer only lasts until the new year!


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