See if the Realme 8 Pro bends in this durability test

The Realme 8 Pro is one of only two mid-range smartphones to sport a 108 MP camera, but despite that standout spec that has so far been reserved for more expensive devices, it’s still quite affordable.

Does this mean that its build quality has been compromised in any way? Can this plastic smartphone withstand a durability test that flagships usually (but not always) have no problem with?

See if the Realme 8 Pro bends in this durability test

YouTuber Zach from JerryRigEverything set to find out exactly that, which is why he subjected the Realme 8 Pro to his usual array of tests – scratching it, trying to burn its screen, and finally, the bit you’ve all been waiting for – trying to bend it from both sides. Let’s find out what happened.

Spoiler alert – there’s glass on the screen which scratches exactly when it should, no sooner, no later. The frame is plastic, the back is plastic too, as is the square camera bump (there is glass on the sensors though, it’s just surrounded by plastic). The screen takes a direct flame for 24 seconds before it goes crazy, but then recovers when it’s removed. Oh, and there are no issues with structural integrity – when bent, it doesn’t crack or snap.

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