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Using a slightly older design, the Shark NZ690UKTDB isn’t quite as easy to manoeuvre and use as the company’s newer models. However, as a Black Friday special, this vacuum cleaner is excellent value, especially considering the wide range of tools it ships with. Given that, I can forgive the minor foibles and anyone that wants a well-priced vacuum cleaner with top cleaning ability should buy this model.


  • Powerful
  • Excellent range of accessories
  • Cleans well on all surfaces

  • Can’t use floor head in Lift-Away mode
  • Can be hard to push on carpet

  • UKRRP: £178.99
Key Features
  • Type This is a plug-in upright vacuum cleaner, but Lift-Away mode lets it convert into something a bit more nimble.
  • PowerI measured this vacuum cleaner at a powerful 238AW.


Shark’s Black Friday offerings are typically based on the latest models, but the Anti Hair Wrap Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Lift-Away, Pet Model NZ690UKTDB is different, using a slightly older design.

The result is a far cheaper model than is usually available, with most of the features that I’ve come to love about Shark upright cleaners, including Lift-Away mode. There are a few compromises and the build and ergonomics aren’t quite as good here as on the latest models, but this is a great value option.

Design and features

  • Lift-Away mode adds flexibility
  • Useful selection of tools
  • Slightly more basic design

Externally, the Shark NZ690UKTDB is similar to other upright vacuum cleaners that I’ve reviewed from the company. This is a Black Friday special, which comes decked out in a black finish, but it’s otherwise a slightly older style vacuum cleaner.

It’s mostly minor differences between this model and the newer ones, such as the Shark Stratos NZ860UKT. For example, on the NZ860UKT, the hose clips into the wand to stop it from moving about; here, the NZ690UKTDB’s hose is loose.

Newer Shark vacuum cleaners put the controls on the handle, within easy reach of a thumb, but the NZ690UKTDB is old school, with a solid red rocker switch that moves between three positions: off, hard floor and carpet.

Shark NZ690UKTDB power buttonImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)

The difference between the two powered modes is in how fast the brush bar on the floor head is spun, but suction remains the same for all modes. If you need to reduce suction to push the vacuum cleaner, then there’s a vent on the handle.

I found that I needed this mode, as I didn’t find the NZ690UKTDB as easy to push as the new models, as this vacuum cleaner suctioned itself closer to my test carpet.

Shark NZ690UKTDB ventImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)

There’s a single floor head here, with rubber strips and bristles on the single brush bar; newer vacuum cleaners from the company have a DuoClean head, which uses a brush bar for the carpet and a soft roller for hard floors.

It’s good to see that this is one of Shark’s Anti Hair Wrap heads, which will stop hair from getting caught around the brush bar. It’s fitted with a couple of LEDs at the front, highlighting where I was cleaning.

Shark NZ690UKTDB floor headImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)

Perhaps the biggest departure here from the newer models is in how Lift-Away mode works. With the NZ690UKTDB, the main cylinder can be removed from the floor head, turning this into a more nimble cleaner for getting into those difficult-to-reach areas. 

Shark NZ690UKTDB Lift-Away releaseImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)

With the NZ690UKTDB, Lift-Away mode takes the wand with it, but leaves the floor head behind; on newer models with Powered Lift-Away, the cylinder can be removed, leaving the wand attached to the floor head.

Shark NZ690UKTDB in Lift-Away modeImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)

It sounds like a minor difference, but there’s one bigger implication. With Powered Lift-Away, the bulky cylinder can be removed, so that the floor head can be pushed under sofas and other low furniture. With the NZ690UKTDB, the floor head can’t be used in Lift-Away mode, so it can be tricky to get this vacuum cleaner under low furniture.

Otherwise, Lift-Away mode does what you’d expect. And, the wand can be removed separately, giving plenty of reach to get up high around ceilings.

Shark NZ690UKTDB cleaning up highImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)

In the box, Shark provides a crevice tool, brush and a motorised pet tool for removing hair from sofas. There’s also a car detailing kit, full of tiny attachments and brushes for getting into all of the nooks and crannies in your car (or anywhere else, for that matter).

Shark NZ690UKTDB accessoriesImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)

Two tools can be stored on the vacuum cleaner’s body, which is good as I always had my favourites with me in easy reach.

Shark NZ690UKTDB accessory holderImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)

There’s a standard 1.1-litre bin, which lifts out the top of the vacuum cleaner. This flips open at the bottom for emptying, although as there’s less room at the top than the bottom, I found it needed a bit of a shake at times to get all of the dust out. The top of the bin also opens out, so the entire thing can be washed out to keep it clean.

Shark NZ690UKTDB binImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)

Underneath the bin is a foam filter, which can be washed. Plus, there’s a HEPA filter at the front that can also be removed and washed.

Shark NZ690UKTDB filtersImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)

An 8m cable powers the vacuum cleaner. I think that this length of cable should be enough that most people will be able to clean a two-storey house using only two or three power sockets.


  • Decent suction power
  • Cleans right up to the edge
  • Deals well with pet hair

I started by testing the NZ690UKTDB’s raw power in AirWatts. As there’s only one power mode, I found that the NZ690UKTDB was capable of 238AW, which puts it only a little behind the Shark NZ860UKT but ahead of the Vacmaster Respira.

Shark NZ690UKTDB performance graphImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)

This level of power is an indicator that this vacuum cleaner is good enough for most standard jobs; if you’ve got bigger bulk to remove, such as dirt from DIY, then a more powerful bagged cleaner, such as a Henry would make more sense.

Power alone is an indicator of performance, but the real test comes down to the quality of the components and how well the brush bar can agitate and remove dirt. For that reason, I used my real-world tests.

First, I started with a teaspoon of flour on the carpet, and then I gave the NZ690UKTDB a push through the middle on carpet mode. As you can see from the images below, the vacuum cleaner removed a clean sweep through the middle.

Shark NZ690UKTDB dirty carpetImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)
Shark NZ690UKTDB clean carpet

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