Shark Wandvac System WS620

Shark WandVac System WS620 hero

A useful and versatile grab-and-go cleaner, the Shark Wandvac System WS620 can convert between a standard stick cleaner and a handheld model with ease. It’s powerful and tackled most spills well, but the short battery life means it isn’t ideal as a cordless cleaner for larger areas.


  • Very light
  • Clever design lets the vacuum stand upright
  • Good range of accessories


  • Short battery life


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  • USARRP: $239.99
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Key Features

  • TypeA cordless handheld vacuum cleaner designed for small jobs, it comes with a wand and motorised floor tool in the box to offer a little more versatility.

  • Battery lifeSeventeen minutes is the most you’ll get from the battery, but in Boost mode this drops to under 10 minutes.


Handheld vacuum cleaners can be great for grab-and-go cleaning of smaller spills, but they tend to lack versatility. With the Shark Wandvac System WS620, you get all of the benefits of a handheld cleaner alongside the ability to covert it into a stick cleaner for tackling larger spills on the floor.

Decent performance and a good range of tools make it a winner in the right circumstances, but the short battery life may put off some folk.

Design and features

  • Clever modular design
  • Neat charging dock acts as a stand
  • Very easy to use

A slightly larger version of the Shark Wandvac WV201, the Shark Wandvac System WS620 is, at heart, a handheld vacuum cleaner designed for close-up cleaning of smaller spills. Where it differs from its sibling is that this vacuum also comes with a motorised floor head and stick, so you can use it as a regular cordless stick cleaner.

That ups the versatility of this vacuum cleaner and means that you can use it to tackle a greater range of jobs. Of course, the trade-off is that you’ll need a bit more room to store this model. Even so, Shark has done a good job in this regard, too.

In the box is a charging stand, which holds the stick and floor head separately, plus it also has a separate dock for the handheld component. You can, if you have the head height, just drop the entire vacuum in stick mode onto the charger and top up the internal battery that way. 

Shark WandVac System WS620 on dock

The Shark Wandvac System WS620 comes with a removable battery, but it’s only possible to charge one unit at a time in the body of the cleaner. Still, if you want to extend run-time, you can buy additional batteries and charge them one at a time.

With the stand, you also get an accessory holder that can hold the combination crevice tool/dusting brush, and you can place the combination bristle brush/upholstery tool flat on the surface. An accessory clip on the wand itself would have been welcome, since it would have made it easier to carry the tools around with you.

Shark WandVac System WS620 accessory holder on the dock

The main tool is the motorised floor head, which uses both rubber flaps and bristles for use on all surface types. That’s more versatile than the Dyson Omni-glide, which has only a hard-floor roller and isn’t designed for use on carpet.

Shark WandVac System WS620 hero

Intelligently designed, the Shark Wandvac System WS620 is super-easy to use. There’s a single power button on top that turns the vacuum on and off on standard mode.

Shark WandVac System WS620 controls

At the back of the handle sits a trigger to activate the Boost mode for a bit more power. It’s a clever system, as you can engage Boost power just when you need it, maximising battery life by mostly running on the standard mode.

Shark WandVac System WS620 wand release

In stick mode, the Shark Wandvac System WS620 is very easy to push around, with its lightweight body easy to hold and direct. And, there’s a clever trick, too: you can remove the vacuum and clip it to the front of the wand, so that the cleaner stands up by itself. That’s handy for when you need to answer the door or pause cleaning for a while.

You can attach accessories to the vacuum head or the wand. The wand offers plenty of reach and the low weight makes it easy to clean right up to the top of your ceilings.

Shark WandVac System WS620 cleaning up high

To go fully handheld you just press the two side buttons and the wand drops off. In handheld mode, the Wandvac offers plenty of flexibility; it’s a great cleaner for tackling smaller jobs, such as a spill in the kitchen or cleaning up a couch. 

There’s only a 0.13qt bin in this vacuum, so you’ll need to empty it after practically every clean. Note that the eject button flings the bin forward with a little bit too much enthusiasm. I found it was best to gently hold the bin to let it open slowly, which allows you to direct the mess. You can remove the bin entirely to clean it out and get to the small filter inside.

Shark WandVac System WS620 bin removed and filter


  • Decent mid-range suction power
  • Works well on most surfaces
  • Short battery life

I measure all vacuum cleaners for power in AirWatts (AW), which combines suction power with airflow to give a raw performance figure. In standard mode, I measured the Shark Wandvac System WS620 at 27.39AW, which is sits towards the budget end of the market. On Boost mode, power jumped to 55.96AW, which is about standard mid-range level of suction power.

To see how raw figures translate into practice, I also put the Shark Wandvac System WS620 through my real-world tests. I started with the carpet test, sprinkling a teaspoon of flour onto the carpet. A single sweep forward and backward through the spill was enough to remove a clean strip of dirt; I didn’t need to engage Boost mode.

Shark WandVac System WS620 dirty carpetShark WandVac System WS620 clean carpet

Moving onto the tough edge test, I sprinkled a teaspoon of flour up against the skirting board on carpet tiles. Here, the cleaner did alright on standard power, although there were some traces of dust left behind.

Shark WandVac System WS620 dirty edgeShark WandVac System WS620 clean edge

Upping to Boost mode saw the cleaner pick up most of the mess, although I needed to switch to the crevice tool to clear the final bits of dirt.

Shark WandVac System WS620 clean edge after Turbo

Next, I combed cat hair into the test carpet. Here, a single sweep forward and backward left the carpet generally clean, although there were one or two stray hairs left behind. It took a bit more cleaning to clear it all.

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