Sky Glass: Sky unveils its first TVs with built-in Atmos soundbars

Sky has unveiled its own range of 4K TVs for the first time. Dubbed Sky Glass, the new range has “Sky inside”, which lets customers watch Sky TV in exactly the same way they can with their current Sky Q boxes, except that they won’t need to mount a satellite on the outside of the house. Everything will be streamed via broadband.

Available in 43in, 55in and 65in sizes, the TVs come in five colours — green, blue, black, white and rose gold — have 10-bit, quantum dot panels that support Dolby Vision and will also come with built-in Dolby Atmos soundbars, so you don’t even need to pay extra to get acceptable audio.

The sound system has six drivers: two up-firing units, two angled to the side for the left and right channels, a centre speaker and a subwoofer for the bass.

Sky has also redesigned its voice remote control. This is now simplified, with fewer big buttons and a backlight so you can see what you’re doing in the dark. In a nice touch, the new remote is also colour matched with your TV.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Sky Glass, however, is that, although you can buy the TVs outright, you don’t have to.

When it’s available (from October 18th) you’ll be able to buy Sky Glass TVs as you would your mobile phone. The 43in TV will cost £13 per month, the 55in £17 per month and the 65in will be £21 per month for the 65in TV. These are effectively interest-free loans spread over four years each.

This being Sky, you’ll also be able to bundle the TV with Sky TV packages, with prices starting at £39 per month. You’ll also be able to swap to new models as they become available and, for an extra £10 per month, you’ll get access Sky’s new Whole Home system, which comes with a new streaming puck that lets you watch Sky TV in other rooms and on other TVs.

For those who still want to buy their TV outright, the 43in set will be available for £649, the 55in for £849 and the 65in TV for £1,049.

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