SlidesCarnival Offers Free PowerPoint and Google Slides Templates

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SlidesCarnival is a platform that provides access to a wide variety of free PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes that you can easily edit and use in your own presentations. Templates cover various topics including education, technology, business, science, and more. The way SlidesCarnival works is simple: Find the template you like, add it to your powerPoint or Google Slides editor, then edit it the way you want. 
You can search SlidesCarnival template library using the search box in the top right corner of the homepage. Type in your query and browse through the results. You can refine you search by colour, style, or tags. Use the upper bar to access the major tabs: Formal, Inspirational, Creative, Simple, Startup, Elegant, Playful, and Business. 
SlidesCarnival Offers Free PowerPoint and Google Slides Templates
You can also search for templates by topic including templates for teachers, project proposal, medical, food, architecture, music, nature, art, history, law, wedding, history, marketing, and more. Template styles include minimalist, modern, childlike, professional, colorful, fresh, fun, feminine, dark, bold, paper, corporate, illustrated, and more.
SlidesCarnival license and usage rights
SlidesCarnival templates are free to use under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International. This allows you to use the templates provided you credit SlidesCarnival as the original source. Also, note that SlidesCarnival templates may contain third party photographs and visuals in which case you need to check the Credits slide to learn how to properly attribute them. To learn more about SlidesCarnival usage rights, read this guide. 
How to use SlidesCarnival themes in Google Slides
To use SlidesCarnival themes in Google Slides, first open the SlidesCarnival template you are interested in then click on ‘Go to preview and download’ button. Next, scroll down under the template and click on Google Slides button then click on Make a copy. The new template will open in your Google Slides editor where you can edit the slides the way you want. 
Watch this video to learn how to use SlidesCarnival themes in Google Slides
How to use SlidesCarnival templates in PowerPoint?
To use SlidesCarnival template in PowerPoint, open the presentation template you are interested in, scroll down and click on PowerPoint button. A .pptx file  of your presentation will be downloaded to your computer drive. Once added, you can then open the presentation in your PowerPoint and start editing it. 
Note that you may need to “download and install the fonts used in the presentation if they’re not already on your computer. You’ll find the links to the free font files needed on the Presentation design slide.”
Watch this video to learn how to use SlidesCarnival templates in PowerPoint.
Slidescarnival Education templates
The education section in Slidescarnival features over 40 ready-made Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates that teachers and students can use to create engaging presentations. All of these templates are fully customizable and can be repurposed to suite your own teaching and learning needs. 
Some of the featured education templates include: Reading is Magical presentation, Education Sketchnotes presentation, Composition book presentation, Jeopardy presentation template,  Historical architecture presentation template, Education Whiteboard slides, Colorful Comic presentation template, Science drawings presentation template, and many more.
Slidescarnival Science templates
Slidescarnival science templates features over 20 professionally designed templates to use in various science projects to present your data in visually meaningful ways. Some of the science templates that stood out to me from this collection include: Cute Robots Presentation, Data Particles Presentation, Formal Stats Presentation, Blue Teamwork Presentation, Green Maths Presentation, among others.
Slidescarnival Technology templates
Technology section in Slidescarnival embeds tech-focused Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates that you can easily edit and use to present information related to your technology projects. A sample of technology templates include: Creative Pitch Deck presentation, Dark 3D Shapes Slides theme, Techie Contour Lines slides, Tech Illustrated slides, Formal Stats presentation, among others.
SlidesCarnival resources for teachers and students

SlidesCarnival offers useful resources full of tips on how to design engaging presentations. Some of these resources are created specifically for teachers and students and offer practical design tips. 
These include how to make a presentation that captures children attention, how to create a PowerPoint presentation for college students, Create ways teachers can use presentation templates, and more. 
There are also resources to help with learning about design principles including tips on how to select the best colors for your presentation slides, explanation of color theory and what each colour means, how to use GIFs and videos to animate and improve presentations, how to design visually appealing presentation cover pages, and more.
Are there similar sites to SlidesCarnival?
Two interesting websites that I have reviewed in the past which also provide access to free PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes are SlidesMania and Slidesgo. Both sites work in almost identical ways. 

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