Sony shows its Vision-S 02 electric SUV concept, details plan to enter the EV market

During CES 2022, Sony showcased its Vision-S 02 electric vehicle concept, which looks a lot like its first concept but adopts the SUV form factor. The Japan firm also shared its plans to enter the EV segment and produce cars under the Sony Mobility Inc. company. In fact, Sony has already been testing its vehicles on public roads in Europe since December 2020.

The Vision-S 02 The Vision-S 02
The Vision-S 02

The interesting bit about the new concept is that it’s filled with sensors on the outside and inside. It has CMOS imagers and LiDAR sensors to aid the driver and help it run autonomously. As we already mentioned, Sony is running the tests necessary to license and release its Level 2+ driver assistance tech on public roads.

On the inside, the cockpit is equipped with ToF sensors for driver authentication and navigation gestures. Voice commands are also on the list of features.

5G connectivity will keep the car connected all the time, keep the software updated and enable remote operations.

Vision-S 02 interior Vision-S 02 interior
Vision-S 02 interior

The Vision-S 02 is still a concept car and we don’t know if Sony will make it a production vehicle based on it at all. Our best guess is that the company is working with partners behind the scene and is yet to make a decision either way.


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