Spotify dominated the music streaming market, Apple Music was a distant second

According to a report by MIDIA Research, the music streaming market continues to grow with Spotify still in the lead with a significant market share of 31%. The data is somewhat old covering Q2 of last year, but the report was only recently made public.

Spotify reigns in the music streaming market in Q2 2021, Apple Music comes second

Second place takes Apple’s streaming service with 15% market share followed by Amazon Music with 13% share. The latter shares third place with Tencent Music while Google’s YouTube music gets only 8%. However, the report notes that it’s the fastest-growing service in the industry.

But with rapidly growing numbers, everyone is a winner in a way. The whole market grew 26.4% year-over-year totaling 523.9 million people subscribed worldwide. This caused Spotify’s share in Q2 2021 to drop slightly compared to 34% in 2019 and 33% in 2020.

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