The best Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max cases and covers

Now that the iPhone 14 Pro Max has been officially revealed during Apple’s “Far Out” September showcase and is up for preorder, fans looking to buy the new smartphone are also in need of new cases. The iPhone 14 Pro Max won’t fit in any other previous iPhone cases, so if you’re trying to keep yours safe or simply give it a unique style, you’ll need to crack open your wallet.

While it’s always a pain to find out that you need to spend additional cash on accessories after paying over $1,000 for the iPhone itself, purchasing a new case does mean that you get to express yourself a little bit with a fun design. Or, you can get a case built to withstand drops and possible cracks which, given the high price point of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, is perhaps one of the best defenses against a trip back to the Apple Store for a replacement screen.

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best apple iphone 14 pro max cases magsafe caseOfficial Apple Clear Case with MagSafe


  • Supports wireless charging
  • Clear design that shows off the design of the phone itself
  • Supports MagSafe accessories


  • Lacks personality

If you’re looking for a solid case that supports wireless charging and MagSafe accessories, then the clear case offered by Apple is the way to go. While it has very little personality of its own on account of being completely see-through, it’s perfect for anyone looking to show off the sleek design of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Protection is going to be limited due to its thin profile, but that’s a small price to pay for MagSafe compatibility and the clear style.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear Case with MagSafe

Official Apple Clear Case with MagSafe

best apple iphone 14 pro max cases wtcase leatherWTCASE PU Leather Case


  • Classic leather design
  • Wireless charging
  • Color variety


  • Small section of the phone’s rear is unprotected

The WTCASE leather case is perfect for anyone looking for a classy leather phone case. Although it isn’t real leather (which, honestly, is a pro or con depending on the person,) it still sports a classic stitched look. On top of looking good, its raised edges also protect both the screen and the rear cameras from taking damage if dropped.

WTCASE iPhone 14 Pro Max Leather Case, Thin Flexible Soft Grip Luxury Vgean PU Leather Cover for Men, Durable Anti-Scratch Full Phone Cases Compatible with iPhone 14 Pro Max(2022) 6.7" (Brown)

WTCASE PU Leather Case

best apple iphone 14 pro max cases snakehive leather caseSnakehive Vintage Wallet Case


  • Three card slot wallet
  • Screen protector
  • Landscape stand


  • Odd camera cut-out

As phones have become essential things to grab before leaving the house alongside things like keys and wallets, some cases have looked to merge some of those items together. One such case is the Snakehive Vintage Wallet, which mixes a phone case and a wallet together. It holds three cards and can use its flap as both a screen protector when the phone isn’t in use and a stand for watching streaming content. It’ll protect fairly well due to the wrap-around design, but this isn’t a rugged case by any means, so just expect everyday protection.

Snakehive iPhone 14 Pro Max Vintage Wallet || Genuine Leather Wallet Phone Case || Real Leather with Viewing Stand & 3 Card Holder || Flip Folio Cover with Card Slot (Navy)

Snakehive Vintage Wallet Case

best apple iphone 14 pro max cases caseborne v caseCaseBorne V Rugged Case


  • Built to withstand the elements
  • Screen protector
  • Kickstand


  • Bulky
  • Lack of good color options

If you’re an outdoorsy type looking to take your phone with you on camping trips or during other outdoor activities, the CaseBorne V is built to withstand just about anything you throw at it. Similar to the newly revealed Apple Watch Ultra, the CaseBorne V is made to be a rugged accessory for your device that will keep it safe in even the harshest of conditions. The only downsides are the size constraints that come hand-in-hand with a more durable case and its lack of solid color options.

CaseBorne V Compatible with iPhone 14 Pro Max Case - Military Grade Full-Body Rugged with Kickstand and Built-in Screen Protector - Black

CaseBorne V Rugged Case

best apple iphone 14 pro max cases otterbox caseOtterbox Lumen Series with MagSafe


  • Cool design
  • Gripable sides
  • Supports MagSafe accessories
  • Great color options


  • High price point

Otterbox is known for making solid cases that protect phones and the Lumen Series is no different. With striking color designs, support for all MagSafe accessories, and solid side grips that make the phone comfortable to hold, it’s a great pick for iPhone 14 Pro Max owners. The only thing that could turn potential buyers away is that its price point is high relative to other cases on this list, but the strong Otterbox protection means it’s worth the money for many.

OtterBox Lumen Series Case with MagSafe for iPhone 14 Pro Max - Blue

Otterbox Lumen Series with MagSafe

best apple iphone 14 pro max cases dbrand grip caseDbrand Grip Case


  • Striking design
  • Claims to be “the world’s grippiest phone case”
  • Tactile button response


  • High price point

Although Dbrand is known for its sarcastic sense of humor when it comes to selling device accessories, the accessories it offers are of high quality. The Grip Case for the iPhone 14 Pro Max is no exception as its striking design gives a truly unique look to the iPhone 14 Pro Max. On top of that, the company has been marketing its grip cases as the “world’s grippiest phone case” which means that when you’re holding a Dbrand case, it’ll rest securely in your hands. Regardless of whether that’s true or not, this is still a very grippy case, and a good choice if you’re wary of dropping your phone.


Dbrand Grip Case

best apple iphone 14 pro max cases sweetheartcasedesign caseElectroplate iPhone 14 Pro Max Case


  • Gorgeous design
  • Excellent color options
  • Handmade


  • Potentially lengthy shipping times
  • Paint chipping

The Electroplate iPhone cases from the SweetHeartCaseDesign Etsy shop are all fashion statements that can go with any look. Thanks to the classy design, the silicon case can elevate your iPhone from simply being a smart device to a beautiful accessory. The shipping time for these can be lengthy seeing how they’re hand-made, but their look is too striking to pass up. Be warned, however, that several customers have noticed that the gold paint that lines the case has the tendency to chip off after several weeks of use.

Electroplate iPhone 14 Max Pro Case

Electroplate iPhone 14 Pro Max Case

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