The best Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II console settings

While pure skill is king in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, having the right settings can certainly improve your performance. Tinkering with the settings is part of the Modern Warfare II experience, but as with most things in the series, there are an overwhelming number of options to choose from.

We’ve spent a considerable time with the multiplayer mode, and have fine-tuned our settings to maximize performance. In this guide, we’ll show you the best in-game settings for multiplayer, but keep in mind, many of these options come down to personal preference. Still, there are some that are objectively better than others. In addition, Infinity Ward will likely add new settings, or alter the way some current settings work.

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Controller Controller menu in Modern Warfare II.Inputs

Flip L1, L2 and R1, R2 Off
Stick layout preset Default
Controller vibration Off
Trigger Effect Off


Horizontal stick sensitivity  High 7 (personal preference)
Vertical stick sensitivity  High 7 (personal preference)
Sensitivity multiplier All default (personal preference)
Vertical aim axis All standard (personal preference)


Aim down sights behavior Hold
Automatic sprint Automatic tactical sprint
Equipment behavior Hold
Weapon mount activation ADS + melee
Interact, reload behavior Tap to reload
Armor plate behavior Apply all

Advanced controller Aim Assist

Target aim assist On
Aim assist type Default (personal preference)


Aim response curve Standard
ADS sens. multiplier [Focus] 1.00
ADS sensitivity transition timing Instant
Custom sensitivity per zoom On
ADS sens. multiplier  [Low zoom] 1.00 (personal preference)
ADS sens. multiplier [2x to 3x zoom] 1.00 (personal preference)
ADS sens. multiplier [4x to 5x zoom] 0.75 (personal preference)
ADS sens. multiplier [6x to 7x zoom] 0.75 (personal preference)
ADS sens. multiplier [8x to 9x zoom] 0.75 (personal preference)
ADS sens. multiplier [High zoom] 0.75 (personal preference)

Movement behaviors

Sprint, tactical sprint behavior N/A
Auto move forward Off
Tactical sprint behavior Double tap
Grounded mantle On
Automatic airborne mantle Partial
Automatic ground mantle Off
Invert slide and dive behavior Standard
Plunging underwater Plunge freely
Parachute auto-deploy Off
Sprinting door bash On

Combat behaviors

ADS stick swap Off
Backpack alternate control Off
ADS interruption behavior N/A
Weapon mount exit delay Short
Depleted ammo weapon switch On
Quick C4 detonation On

Vehicle behaviors

Vehicle camera recenter Default
Camera initial position Free look

Overlays behaviors

Ping wheel delay Moderate
Double tap danger ping delay Moderate

Graphics Graphics menu in Modern Warfare II.Details & textures

On-demand texture streaming On (dependant on your internet)
Allocated texture cache size Auto
Enable download limits Off (dependent on your internet)Allocated texture cache size
Daily download limit 1.0 (dependent on your internet)Allocated texture cache size

Post processing effects

World motion blur Off
Weapon motion blur Off
Film grain 0.00
Depth of field Off
Fidelity CAS On
Fidelity CAS strength 50


120 HZ refresh rate On
Field of view (FOV) 100 (personal preference)
ADS field of view Affected
Weapon field of view Default

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