The best Dell XPS 13 cases and covers

Being able to take your laptop on the go is a nice luxury to have. At the same time, many laptop users have come to understand the importance of purchasing a case to protect their prized PC from scratches and other damage. But some cases come with plain designs and don’t offer much protection — and since the Dell XPS 13 remains one of our favorite laptop picks for all kinds of users, we think it deserves the best protection, too. 

Learn more about some of our favorite cases for the Dell XPS 13 due to their customizability, functionality, sturdiness, comfort, and protection. Note that the 2020 model of the XPS introduced some design changes, so extra-tight cases may no longer be compatible with it, but we’re including plenty of options that will fit the 2020 model and future versions, too!

Waterfield Dell Laptop Sleevecase

Waterfield’s stylish case gives you plenty of options: You can choose what specific XPS model you want the case to fit, pick your own trim (micro trim or grizzly leather), and choose whether it’s a vertical or horizontal case — plus the option to add different kinds of straps. This elevates an already great case to one of the top XPS options. The inside is cushioned with neoprene, and the outside is made of waxed canvas (although you can also choose ballistic nylon material).

Dell Premier Sleeve 13

If you would prefer to go with a sleeve endorsed and sold by the manufacturer of the laptop itself, then Dell’s own Premier Sleeve 13 might be the way to go. Built specifically to house the XPS 13 or  XPS 13 2-in-1, this sleeve is surprisingly sturdy, with tight stitching and structured sides to protect the interior, whilst remaining flexible enough to avoid the laptop rattling around inside.

The side has a dedicated pen holder so you won’t lose track of the little stylus accessory, and the whole sleeve is lightweight, making it easy to transport. With a rubberized design, it can take a few knocks and wear too, without marking.

This design doesn’t have a carry strap, and so it may need to be put into another bag for complete portability, but it’s reasonably affordable and will keep your XPS 13 looking good for the foreseeable future.

Tomtoc 13 360 degree laptop shoulder bag

Tomtoc has some of the most well-reviewed laptop bags on Amazon and with good reason. The 11.6-13-inch 360 protective bag is a perfect fit for Dell XPS 13 owners as it combines a sturdy exterior with a cushioned interior.

There are a few patented technologies at play in the design, but they boil down to some additional padding at key points most notably the corners and bottom of the casing. That should mean you can put down the bag without fear of damaging the laptop inside. It also provides some protection against drop damage. The soft material on the inside wards off scratching too.

Along with the main compartment for the XPS 13 itself, this bag also comes with two side pockets, which have enough space to fit all manner of accessories, including a laptop charger if needed. All compartments are sealed with sturdy zips and the bag can be worn on the shoulder using the comfortable carry strap, or carried by the sturdy handle.

Dell Professional Sleeve 13

Highly affordable and well-designed, this sleeve is made with a water-resistant exterior for protecting your XPS during all kinds of weather. There’s also plenty of extra space, including a front organizer panel for accessories or personal belongings. The sleeve’s bright interior is well-padded for extra protection, while that strap on the back is ideal for attaching the sleeve to luggage or other objects. For this price, you won’t find anything better!

Walnew Sleeve

An incredible choice for impact and simple scratch protection is the Walnew Sleeve for Dell XPS 13 laptops. This budget-friendly choice comes with plenty of padding to keep your notebook safe. Compatible with both the standard XPS 13 and the XPS 13 2-in-1, it offers a dual material design with a faux-leather exterior and soft interior to avoid scratches and damage from knocks and short-height drops.

Open up the built-in flap, and you’ll see that the Walnew Sleeve can also serve as a portable mouse pad. The versatility doesn’t stop there; the cover can also double as a makeshift desk for on-the-go use and helps protect your laptop from spills, scratches, and other dangers.

Take your laptop on the go with great functionality. The bag can also store tablets, books, and your cell phone. For maximum protection and convenient portability, we suggest sliding your XPS 13 inside a bag.

Domiso Canvas Laptop Sleeve

The Domiso Canvas Laptop Sleeve is versatile, serving as one of the best laptop sleeves for your Dell XPS 13. The bag comes with handles and a strap to carry it around any way you wish. There’s also a built-in USB port and a headphone jack. Use and charge your phone while on the go. The front pockets are also available to store other electronics and essentials. The economical Domiso Canvas Laptop Sleeve has a water-resistant exterior, protecting against spills, while the cushioned interior prevents potential damage from bumps, jostles, or even an accidental drop.

mCover Hard Shell Case

If you have a 2020 or newer XPS 13 model and are looking for a tight-fitting hard shell case, you need a version that will fit. mCover has made this case specifically for the XPS 13 9300/9310 models, so you know it will fit what you have. It also comes in a wide range of bright color options, making this case an excellent choice if you want to spice up the gray themes of XPS models. The material is a translucent polycarbonate made to be shatterproof, and those little feet you see help with both ventilation and finding the right typing angle (they’re retractable if you don’t like the result).

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