The best Warzone landing spots for all maps during Season 5

There’s no easy way to win in Call of Duty: Warzone, but you can vastly improve your odds by picking an ideal spot to land right off the bat. The island of Caldera map is massive, and there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong place to land — but depending on your skill level and where the gas is, you’ll want to have a plan in your back pocket that suits your needs. You’ll want to also use the same logic when picking landing spots across Resurgence maps, such as Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep.

In this guide, we’ll go through some basic landing tips, as well as some great places to land, in general, across Caldera, Rebirth Island, and the new Fortune’s Keep during Warzone Season 5.

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The first thing you’ll want to do before picking your landing spot is evaluate the plane’s path right at the beginning. You can actually see it before the match starts, while you’re in the pre-game lobby. Take the time to pull up your map at this point to see the plane’s trajectory so you know where you’re going. You won’t be able to see the gas (or Contract spawns) quite yet, but checking the plane’s path as early as possible will come in handy. Before you’re ready to pick a spot, there are a few things to take into consideration.

Ideally, you should have a good grasp of your own skill level. This will help when picking a spot. For instance, we wouldn’t recommend that a beginner land in high-traffic areas like Peak or Airfield. Likewise, expert players will probably be bored if they land too far away from the action. At this point, look at the map, the direction of the plane, the gas, and all of the Contracts around Caldera (or whatever map you’re on).

Some players — regardless of the gas — will land in the same spot each game. If this works for you, more power to you, but we highly recommend picking a spot based on the gas and the plane’s path. The most effective strategy is to land close to a Contract so you can initiate it and hopefully earn some cash, loot, and a sneak peek at the position of the gas (you get this for completing Recon Contracts).

Following the Vanguard integration, Loadout Drops were only accessible after the first circle, but after the poor reception of this feature, Raven Software reverted it back to the old way — allowing you to purchase a Loadout Drop as soon as you have the cash for it. This means it pays to complete big-money Contracts right away so you can buy your loadout ASAP. Thankfully, free Loadout Drops spawn fairly early in a match, so it’s not the end of the world if you don’t quite find enough cash to buy one yourself.

For beginner players, it’s recommended to land by Recon (denoted by a flag icon) or Scavenger (denoted by a magnifying glass) Contracts. These don’t require you to engage in any combat and will reward you with useful goodies. Recon Contracts can sometimes be risky since they require you to capture a point that shoots a flare in the sky, revealing your location to the enemies. Though, from our experience, this doesn’t usually make much of a difference in the early stages of the game. As for Scavenger Contracts, these can be risky too, as they’re often contested almost immediately since players want the rewards.

The other Contracts like Most Wanted and Bounties are a lot tougher since they’ll likely result in firefights with other players. If you feel confident in your skills, go ahead and grab one of these Contracts — but otherwise, we recommend staying away. It’s worth noting that the earlier you start a Most Wanted or Bounty Contract, the easier they are to complete since the players you come across likely won’t have powerful end-game gear (usually).

Be open to changing your path on the fly, depending on other players. For instance, if you’ve got a spot in mind but see tons of players heading to the same location, it’s best to change your path to a different location if you want to be safe. If possible, try to land at a different Contract you feel confident with, like a Recon or Scavenger.

It’s also a great idea to land near a Buy Station so you’ll be able to purchase items right away. Having a UAV during the early stages of a match can set you up for success. And being close to a Buy Station will also allow you to purchase your own Loadout Drop instead of visiting the free one that drops — which will likely be contested.

The final tip is to pick a spot based on your team size and skill. If you’ve got a team of four, it’s easier to survive in higher-traffic spots, especially if you’re all on the same page with determining a route. If you’re playing solo, it’s a little different since you won’t have anyone to pick you up if you go down, so keep all of that in mind.

Using the gas and plane to your advantage Caldera map in Warzone.

We’ll be referencing the image above to help you pick a great spot to land. There’s a lot to take in when looking at the map, but the main thing is to look at the circle (which represents the safe zone) and the line that denotes the plane’s path. As you can see on the map above, the plane’s path goes from northeast to southwest, but this will change each match. Regardless, you’ll find a lot of players who’ll tend to land along the line that denotes the plane’s path. With that in mind, if you want to stay away from the action, landing away from the path might be a good idea. In this case, Airfield and Mines are likely to be busier — simply because of their proximity to the start of the plane’s path.

To the southeast of this path are a few areas, including Capital, Resort, and Sub Pen. These are great locations because they’re far enough away from the action while still being within the circle. Again, if your skill allows it, you can aim for the busier areas like Airfield, but for new or inexperienced players, we advise against that. Based on the image above, any spot to the southeast is good since they’re all far enough from the starting path and on the outskirts of the zone, meaning you’ll encounter fewer players there. You’ll just need to be aware of the gas so you don’t get caught trying to rotate.

In short, we recommend landing by a Contract on the edge of the circle, away from the plane’s path, to avoid combat and ensure you’re grabbing goodies along the way. If you’re a more skilled player, you can slightly tweak that formula and land closer to the center of the circle, but you’ll want to be careful of your opponents. All of that being said, let’s go through some great spots for all skill levels.

Best places to land on Caldera Ruins Landing at village in Warzone.

Kicking things off with a low-key spot is Ruins, an area to the far northwest of Caldera. This is a decent area to visit if you’re less confident in your skills and want to loot up with few chances of encountering other players — especially if this location is out of zone. There are lots of little nooks and crannies to hide in, but our favorite spot is the wrecked ship on the west side.

It has multiple floors with a lot of loot and is relatively easy to get in and out of, with several different routes you can take when you’re finished. There are also at least a couple of different Buy Stations around, so if you can hold your ground, you should be well on your way to winning the match if you land in this spot.

Power Plant Landing at Power Plant in Warzone.

Next, you should consider visiting Power Plant, a spot that is great for more advanced players. It’s not a highly contested location (usually), but you’ll almost always encounter at least one other team if you decide to visit. The Power Plant itself has a boatload of loot across its various floors (including the roof area), so make sure you’re thorough as you explore. Then, it’s a good idea to hit all the nearby buildings, along with the transformer section to the south, which contains even more loot.

After you’ve prepared, you’ll be in a great spot since you can either start making your way to the north to the Airfield or to the west to Capital. Whichever you choose, always make sure you pay attention to where the gas is so you don’t get stuck.

Peak Flying over Peak in Warzone.

Some players want to jump directly into the action, and if that’s you, Peak is where you’ll want to be. This is Caldera’s version of Superstore, with a highly concentrated amount of loot to find throughout, placing you right in the center of the map. The top portion of the Peak is usually the busiest, but you can make your way down numerous floors to find even more. Then, there’s an entire underground cave system beneath, which is full of even more goodies — just don’t get lost while you’re there.

This is where the pro players like to land, as it’s a high-risk/high-reward location and

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