Weird nubia Red Magic 6 promo video hypes improved fan cooling

The new gaming phone, nubia Red Magic 6, will have an entirely revamped cooling solution, the brand manager has announced. Ni Fei, who is also President of Mobile Devices at ZTE, revealed the fan will be “strengthened” and will bring a nine-axis spatial sensor that will track the phone’s movement in multiple directions.

To illustrate what would happen if you have a nine-axis tracker, combined with the mightiest cooling fans ever, Ni Fei posted a video where the nubia Red Magic 6 literally floats in the air – not quite how the phone will behave surely, but makes for cooler visuals.

Tencent and nubia are likely to bring a more sophisticated solution that will cool the chipset, allowing for much better performance under sustained load.

The new fan might also help with cooling during charging, enabling the 120W charging we saw certified. It will be the Pro variant of the lineup, while the vanilla option will stick to a more modest 66W charging – still among the fastest charging solutions on the market.

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