What I Learned at the Back to School Conference! – SULS0129

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129: What I Learned at the Back to School Conference!In this episode, Kasey and other presenters from the Shake Up Learning Back to School Conference are sharing highlights from their presentations. Learn Google tips, Leadership Strategies, productivity tools, SEL tips, and more! Don’t worry if you missed the conference, you can access it for FREE until Oct. 30, 2021!

Keep in mind these snippets being shared are a small sampling of what you will have access to when you register to join. There is still time to learn from these amazing educators. Be sure to register today!

What I Learned at the Back to School Conference! – SULS0129

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About the Back to School Conference

With a focus on adapting to the “new normal,” this conference will help teachers and educational leaders learn new skills and strategies to engage students in online and blended learning.

With 40+ breakout sessions from education experts and special keynotes by Kasey Bell and Jen Giffen, this is sure to be an event to remember. Teachers will walk away with practical ideas to move learning forward. Leaders will learn about critical shifts, and how to lead meaningful change.

All presenters have been hand-selected from the Shake Up Learning Team, and special invited guests, including Jake Miller, Evan Robb, Angela Draper, and Jon Corippo. We even have a few sessions in Spanish!

With engaging presentations by the expert SHAKE UP LEARNING TEAM and invited guests, educators across the globe can take their teaching and leadership skills to the next level.

What I Learned at the Back to School Conference!

Podcasting in the Classroom with Jake Miller

Kicking off the list of presenters is Jake Miller, who shares his ideas for “PodCLASSting” using a few different tech tools. One way to make podcasting with students more manageable is to try micro-podcasting. Quick 3-5 minute episodes using the Chrome extension Mote. 

Mote is an extension that easily allows students to embed audio clips into Google Slides. Mote has a guide and template for creating micro-podcasts in the classroom. 

Jake also shares how Flipgrid and Padlet can also be used to create short podcasts with students. 

Social-Emotional Learning with Jamboard by Luci Bowers

SEL with Jamboard presented by Luci Bowers,  will provide ways to tap into students’ social and emotional wellbeing. She shares five components that break down all that SEL encompasses. This session is available on September 26. 

What I Learned at the Back to School Conference! - SULS0129

Sketch & Tell with Jon Corippo

Every teacher wants to learn from Jon Corippo’s session titled Teach Better and Work Less with Eduprotocols. If you’d like to hear more about Eduprotocols be sure to listen to the Shake Up Learning podcast episode 28

Jon developed lesson templates such as Sketch and Tell. With this activity, students are given one source for information and two slides to share their learning. They may not use images. Any illustrations must be created through the drawing tool. 

What I Learned at the Back to School Conference! - SULS0129

Shapegrams with Tony Vincent

Showing up with the most impressive video presentation is Tony Vincent. His digital art skills demonstrate how students, or teachers, can create Shapegrams. Tony shares six free templates, and an entire scope and sequence!

What I Learned at the Back to School Conference! - SULS0129

To hear more about how he uses Shapegrams and “brands” his classroom check out episode 11

Save Time and Automate with Autocrat by Jen Gifen

Jen Giffin presents a bonus session on using Autocrat. A digital tool to help teachers save time and automate the collection of student learning.

What I Learned at the Back to School Conference! - SULS0129

Jen shares how you can use a simple Google Form to automate processes like creating certificates, track learning and interventions, and more! (BONUS sessions are only available with the ALL-ACCESS PASS.) 

Leadership Sessions

The Back to School Conference is not just for classroom teachers, administrators and school leaders will also find value in many of the sessions. Evan Rob specifically presents Intentional Leadership: Aiming High for a New Year, sharing six key points to help leadership focus for the school year.

What I Learned at the Back to School Conference! - SULS0129

Much of his content comes from his new book where he shares these points for reflection: 

  1. Everything you do is something that contributes to where you are in the moment.
  2. Modeling Our Excellence: Draws people to you or away from you.
  3. What the leader tolerates defines the culture. 
  4. Congruence: What we say and what we do. 
  5. Positivity and Optimism
  6. Are you in sync with your core values?

Create a Classroom “App” with Sarah McKinney

Sarah McKinney shares a BONUS presentation on getting organized by creating a virtual classroom app. She will help you create a customizable virtual classroom with Google Slides.

This can help teachers who are in-person, virtual, or a hybrid model. Sarah will also share how to make an app for the classroom, grade level, building, or entire district to help keep students and parents organized. She also shares her best tips and tricks for how it has been working for other educators. (BONUS sessions are only available with the ALL-ACCESS PASS.) 

Pep Up Your PLC’s with Pam Hubler

Are you involved in a Professional Learning Community? Learn from Pam Hubler in her session about how to provide ownership and organization within those PLCs. She will share several free templates to use, as well as, organization and productivity tips. 

Coaching Teachers to Greatness with Susan Vincentz and Sarah Kiefer

Two of the Shake Up Learning trainers have joined forces to share a session called Coaching to Greatness. Susan Vincentz and Sarah Kiefer.

What I Learned at the Back to School Conference! - SULS0129

Start by asking these three essential questions: 

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