Xiaomi disassembles Mi 11 on video, phone seems fairly easy to repair

Xiaomi posted an official disassembly video of its new global flagship, the Mi 11. The video highlights key specs as much as it gives a detailed look at the construction of the phone. No need to bring out your Xiaomi precision screwdriver set, just hit play.

Naturally, the video has been edited to make everything smooth and seamless. That said, it does look like the battery comes out easily – there aren’t excessive amounts of glue to keep you from swapping it out. And while the display is extra curvy, it also proves easy enough to remove. This bodes well for the repairability of the phone.

JerryRigEverything tested the durability of the Xiaomi Mi 11 and found it quite hardy. By the way, if you missed reveal on Monday, you can watch the highly-condensed video below, it’s under a minute long.

The Mi 11 is already at our office so you can expect our detailed review next week.

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