Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold gets big new MIUI 13 closed beta update

Michail 31 May 2022

Xiaomi Android Firmware Updates

Xiaomi’s first foldable phone – the Mi Mix Fold just got a major MIUI 13 closed beta update which brings plenty of improvements that should better take up the large real estate of the 8-inch inner AMOLED display.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold
Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold

The new Android 12-based update brings a reworked desktop layout for the main display with optimizations for dual-screen desktop mode. Multitasking is also improved with new parallel windows and free-form window options. There’s a new three-finger gesture that activates split-screen. Other aspects like Control Center get a revised layout. System apps like calculator, file manager, gallery, clock, recorder and others have also been updated.

Here’s the full changelog of the update:


  • Added the function of adjusting the display layout of the in-app screen.
  • Added in-screen classic navigation keys to support center/left/right display.
  • Fixed a noise issue that might occur when you record audio.
  • Added in-screen classic navigation keys to support center/left/right display

Status Bar

  • Support sliding up and down the blank area on the side of the notification bar.


  • The internal screen layout of the desktop is completely new, and the dual-screen desktop is more efficient.
  • Added in-screen taskbar support to display recent tasks.


  • Added folding screen exclusive theme.
  • Optimize font usage process.


  • Optimize the display effect of core pages.
  • Added map album entry.

File Manager

  • Added left and right column layouts on the inner screen, making browsing on a large screen more efficient.
  • Optimize the grouping method of recent page files.
  • Added the ability to hide pictures in recent pages.
  • Added mobile page classification entry editing function.


  • Optimize page structure and layout.
  • Optimize the display effect of core pages.
  • Optimize recording title display and renaming logic.
  • Added one-click copy function to convert text.
  • Added recording mark serial number display.


  • Added calendar subscription service.
  • Optimize page structure and layout.
  • Optimize the display effect of core pages.

Recent Tasks

  • Optimize the form of the recent task card in the small window split screen.


  • Optimize clock view layout.


  • Optimize the key design of computing keyboard.
  • Optimize the tax credit function and merge it into the conversion page.
  • Added conversion keyboard calculation function.
  • Optimize history storage logic.

Lock Screen

  • When the internal screen is unlocked, the function of entering the password by hand is added.

Free window

  • Added global sidebar shortcut function.
  • Added support for opening two small windows at the same time.
  • Added three-finger gesture horizontal swipe to quickly enter split screen.
  • Added support for adding split-screen combination icons to the desktop in the taskbar on the desktop.
  • Added desktop support to open split screen combination with one click.

Control Center

  • Added support for swiping left and right between the control center and notification center.
  • New control center interface layout revision.
  • Remove the classic control center style.


  • Added widescreen layout settings to support switching between column and tile modes.


  • Added separate keyboard form.
  • Added dual GV keyboard form.
  • Added 9-key dual-column keyboard form, supporting left and right hand switching.

Small Widget

  • Added global sidebar shortcut function.
  • The widget function has a new look, new widgets can be added to the negative screen and the desktop, and support dragging and dropping each other.
  • Added widget center to provide rich widget resources “Pinch the desktop with two fingers to enter”.
  • Added system application widgets such as clock, weather, photo album, etc.
  • Cards in the negative one screen support free drag and drop sorting.


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